AceBreao4EVA: Yo

Atom: Wassup

AceBreao4EVA: Not much


Atom: Join us o_o

Atom: Bladez and Xeres joined o_o

AceBreao4EVA: LOL

Atom: ... o_o

Atom: You gonna do it

AceBreao4EVA: I ain't gonna do it

Atom: WHY

AceBreao4EVA: It has T-Swift on it

Atom: So? o_o

AceBreao4EVA: Fuck DAT

Atom: Just get on boi

AceBreao4EVA: No

Atom: Yes

AceBreao4EVA: Fuck DAT

Atom: So

Atom: If the Taylor Swift was gone you'd come

AceBreao4EVA: LOL

Atom: .... o_o

AceBreao4EVA: Maybe

Atom: You still wouldn't come

Atom: Be honest

Atom: Did you foget your password

Atom: [Winged Fury] Bladez™: probably because his mom tried to use his computer as a dildo so now he's stuck on his phone

AceBreao4EVA: What password

Atom: Nvm

Atom: If it was changed to the Packers logo would you join us

AceBreao4EVA: Maybe...

Atom: So no o_o

AceBreao4EVA: Idk

Atom: Ace pls just join

Atom: We need you

AceBreao4EVA: Ew


AceBreao4EVA: Ok

Atom: Did I hear you mom calling my name? o_o

Atom: So have you gone crazy yet

AceBreao4EVA: Maybe

Atom: Ace seriously

AceBreao4EVA: LOL

Atom: Are you really this far gone? o_o

AceBreao4EVA: What

Atom: How many drugs are you on? o_O

AceBreao4EVA: None

AceBreao4EVA: Drugs are for bugs

Atom: So your a bug o_o

AceBreao4EVA: No

AceBreao4EVA: I'm american

Atom: Not yet

Atom: Ace foreal join us

Atom: I mean either way there's still gonns be pages written about you

AceBreao4EVA: LOL

Atom: No amount of medicine can help you now

Atom: You are gone from this world

AceBreao4EVA: Yea