Two Paths Edit

Rain rapidly falls from the gloomy clouds in the dark, somber night sky and splashes down onto the muddy, Alderaanian soil. An exhausted, teenage, single mother treks through the waterlogged sludge while carrying her weeping newborn child. Every few measily seconds, thunder booms like cannon fire being shot in the distance, followed by a strike of lightning being shot down from the heavens. This increases the volume of the child's bawling, and aggravates the befuddled mother.

"Everything will be fine soon," the mother sobbed while gazing into her frightened son's big, brown eyes. Her legs grow feeble as a result of running for days without rest, she also lacks the stamina to continue. Fortunately, she has at last reached her destination: a small orphanage surrounded by scraggly, dead trees outside of a what-looks-to-be deserted, impecunious village. The sight of the lightning illuminating onto the house sends chills up her spine, nonetheless, she sticks to her plan. She walks up the few small steps leading to the door of the orphanage and places her child on the porch. "I'll miss you." The mother whispers before she kisses her son on the forehead; her son then watches as she gets consumed by the darkness of the night with each steps she takes.

As she staggers away from her defenseless son, she conceals the sound of his cries under her pseudo-lack of regret. With every step, her feet stomp the prospect of matriarchy into the muddy terrain.