The Walking Contradiction (named The Gashon Movie 2: Gashtanic in some countries) is a 2015 action drama produced by Wrathblaze Stuidos, directed by Just Jeulin, written by Dylan T. Best and Price Rocks, and distributed by Brotherhood Entertainment. It follows immediately after the events of The Great Gashby. It is the 3rd (second chronologically) movie in the Brotherhood Movie Franchise.


After the events of the first movie, Gashon must now deal with his parents coming to town, Kahar moving, and a beautiful new woman named Nina.


Danny Trejo - Gashon Cansaker, the main protagonist of the film.

Rainn Wilson - Kahar Zamet, Gashons trusted sidekick.

Halle Berry as Nina, Gashon's love interest.

Bill Murray as Gashdad, Gashon's Dad.

Betty White as Gashmom, Gashon's step-mother. Amy Lee as Mirta, Gashon's lesbian friend.

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The original rough draft of the script was highly praised by readers, and final production began on January 29th.